Update for Healthy Texas Plans for Small Business Owners

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Effective July 26, 2011, United Health Care announced that each member who earns less than $32,670 and who enrolls in a Healthy Texas plan may be eligible for an additional $100 reduction in their monthly premium. This is a great way to help these folks get affordable insurance through their Healthy Texas plans.. United Health Care states that they have a limited number of members they can support on a First come basis.

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Texas Health Insurance for Small Businesses

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A new private/public health insurance product has been designed for small businesses and their employees in Texas, The Healthy Texas Plan! This partnership will allow uninsured small employers (Uninsured the past 12 months) to access quality health plans at an affordable price. Healthy Texas plans are provided by private carriers.

Enrollees in Healthy Texas choose from private health plans that have been approved by TDI. In accordance with the requirements of the Healthy Texas program set forth in Chapter 1508 of the Texas Insurance Code, TDI is currently  contracted with Celtic Insurance Company and United Healthcare to be participating health plans in the Healthy Texas program.

What are the Plan Features?

  • Two plan designs choices ($500 or $1,500 calander year deductible)
  • $25 Copayment for Office Visits (most physician office services)
  • 100% coverage for Preventive Care
  • 80% CoInsurance for inpatient (hospitalization) and outpatient surgery
  • Network only benefits that could save you out-of-pocket expenses
  • Prescription Drug coverage included $10/$25/$50 ($200 or $500 annual deductible applies)
  • Optional coverage available (Dental, Vision, Life)

How does my small business qualify for the The Healthy Plan of Texas?

  • Employer must be located in Texas and must qualify as a small business with 2-50 eligible employees
  • Employer must not have provided a qualified small group health insurance policy 12 months prior to HealthyTexas application
  • 60% of eligible employees must enroll
  • At least 30% of your employees annual wages must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty level ($32,670 in 2011)
  • Employer must pay at least 50% of the premium costs for employees and must offer dependent coverage
  • Each eligible employee must be a citizen of the United States or is an alien that is in our country legally

If you would like to inquire about a brochure, please feel free to contact me anytime at (800) 373-8781 or by email: banderson@allsureinsurance.com


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Health Insurance Changes effective September 23, 2010

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After Congress passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act last March, one of mandates will take effect this September 23, 2010.

The new changes to health care include:

1. Coverage cannot be denied to children with pre-existing conditions. Health insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for children age 19 and younger with serious medical conditions. However, be prepared for increases in your monthly premium.

2. Extending the age limit of young adults. Young adults are now able to remain on their family’s health insurance plan up to age 26 as long as they do not have coverage through their employer.

3. Free coverage for preventative care. This entails that insurance companies cannot include charges for deductibles, office visit co-pays, or co-insurance for services such as: immunizations, mammograms, colonoscopies, and other basic preventative screening.

4. Insurance Companies rescinding coverage is now illegal.  If a policyholder became sick while their policy was in force, insurance companies would search for errors and/or technical mistakes on the policyholders application to use a pretext to deny coverage.

5. No more Lifetime and Annual dollar limits. Insurance companies can no longer enforce maximum lifetime and annual benefit dollar amounts.

6. External review included on appeals on coverage. Policyholders can now appeal coverage decisions or claims through their insurer and through an independent external reviewer.

If you are concerned and would like to discuss your options regarding your health coverage, please feel free to contact me at (800) 373-8781.


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About Brett Anderson

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Life and Health Insurance Specialist serving Texans and people across the nation. My goal is make certain all my clients have the right life insurance and health insurance plan at an affordable price.

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